Banks and HROK have slightly higher requirements and client checks when it comes to getting a loan or loan. But luckily for a number of clients who do not meet the requirements required to lend to a bank or HROK, or have at some point been blacklisted by bank defaults, since a few years ago, there are all the more popular so-called credit companies (NB – have nothing to do) with well-known card companies).

Why loans without HROK and blacklist

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For those who cannot get a loan or a loan because of the HROK and the blacklist, it is the credit houses that allow them to lend money legally; and by providing them with some form of financial liquidity with no HROK and blacklisted loans.

Thus, clients who are unable to obtain any kind of financial lending in any of the two mentioned places, decide to look for money in new but very successful lending companies that offer the possibility of lending without interfering with the HROK or the bank’s black list! In order to get financial lending services, it is often a client check, but this is not common practice.

What exactly is HROK?

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Whoever, once in his life, found himself in a situation where it was necessary to get a loan quickly and as easily as possible in Croatia, certainly at the very beginning of the loan planning he met with the word, ie the abbreviation HROK. Namely, behind the popular and memorable abbreviation lies the Registry, which keeps records of each, greater or lesser credit, of each consumer or business entity and end-user.

The HROK, or Croatian Credit Registry, has the responsible task of storing but also keeping accurate and complete information on all lending in the country – as well as the responsibility of alerting users and financial institutions to any incorrect entries in the credit registry. The HROK actually keeps the entire view of the client’s monetary liabilities data; natural person or business entity; and the neatness of settling them. T

his applies only to credit data, leasing debt, etc., but not to current or savings account balances, time deposits or other assets entrusted to the client by a client for safekeeping to a financial institution. ”This quote is on the official HROK website. just like explaining why a credit report is so important: “A credit report is important to make when deciding on new borrowing, both for Registry users and clients. Generally, the use of credit reports increases the social responsibility of each party that decides to borrow.

The credit report provides the Registry user with objective and comprehensive information that helps them make better decisions and thus further individualises, but also accelerates the financing process and increases its accessibility. ”

Loans without a HROK and a blacklist make it easy to pay off money

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Therefore, the credit report can indicate to the clients the indebtedness, whether on their own or the indebtedness of those to whom they already are or would like to be guarantors, co-debtors, pledgers and the like. On the other hand, a credit report to these same clients can also help them to achieve more favorable financing conditions during one of the next borrowings. This “status” of the registry certainly suits everyone who is embarking on any type of borrowing, but it also gives, in the present day, the much-needed security for someone to care about the level of indebtedness of each individual.

We are all mostly familiar with, unfortunately, the exaggerated occurrence in this country when one of the already existing debtors decides to withdraw another loan which, if it were under the eye of the CROC, would not be able to obtain due to excessive debt.

Usually, anyone who intends to take credit will first hear for HROK the warning that their creditworthiness will be assessed through the register of creditors because, for example, anyone registered for a minimum income (at least part of his salary, for example, is at large) deciding whether to seek a loan or not.

Therefore, it is more than necessary to clarify well what a HROK is, and of course, to mention that it can be done without a loan without its supervision and interference.

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